Webinar – Simplify and Secure Data Exchange in the Cloud with GoAnywhere MFT

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Announcement

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
2p.m. AEDT

Many companies are still using custom scripts, manual processes, or legacy solutions to exchange information with customers, partners, or other recipients.

And, they do it despite the extra time, cost and headaches required to maintain these outdated methods. Are you an organisation looking to simplify your data transfers for both internal and external clients? Would you like to achieve this with minimal or no in-house technical involvement but are limited by the following?
– Inflexible file transfer process that doesn’t meet cyber and/or compliance requirements
– Legacy solutions that do not support your cloud initiatives
– On premise infra with multiple sftp/ftp servers and no centralised control, automation or security
– High cost of maintaining on premise solution
– Effort and time to deploy, maintain and manage an on-premise solution

This webinar would be helpful to you! Join HelpSystems and DataMovement on this exclusive webinar, to learn how we can support your goals with a fully managed & secured data exchange solution in the cloud.

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