GateKeeper – Start implementing your Managed File Transfer on day one

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Article

GateKeeper is a cloud-born fully managed service powered by industry leading HelpSystems software solutions. It drives the collection and management of your data. GateKeeper is ideal for consolidating and securing all your data collection and hygiene operations. Centralise and consolidate the sharing and protection of your data.

GateKeeper removes the limits of data transfers and the reliance on unmanaged data channels for your business. It centralises web uploads, email, FTP, forms, API connections and other data transfer methods for a single integrated experience.

GateKeeper automates your processes and gets your data where it needs to be, safely and securely. GateKeeper works with the cloud and your existing on-premise solutions to bring all of your data collection and movement to one consolidated place.

Let us take care of the boring IT stuff for you and give you all the capabilities you need to get your data where it needs to be, working for you. Need it all, or just a part. Let us know, we can make it so.

Day one ready

Start using your complete data movement and data collaboration suite on day one. Get the most out of your data by getting it anywhere fast. Know where all your data is moving from one unified service.

Managed by us, for you

GateKeeper can be enabled for you and your organisation either as a Managed Software as a Service, Software as a Service, or Engineered with Service Credits. We can work with you to fit whatever support and service you require into your operating model. Leave the boring IT stuff to us so that you can get on with everything else.

How it works

GateKeeper is offered as a three-tiered service:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – software ready for use. We hand over your software services to you and support your transition.
  • MaaS (Managed as a Service) – managed integration and setup with your organisation. We work with your team to provide support and integration with your users and applications.
  • MaaS+ (Managed as a Service +) – fully managed. We administer the service completely, including centralised logging, monitoring, user, and service management. We become an extension of your team.

We will work with you to right size our services with your requirements, so you get results, fast.

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