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HelpSystems focuses its software solutions on helping organizations better AutomateSecure, and simplify their most critical IT processes. Solutions offered center on good technology design: a superior user experience, high quality, and improved performance.

How does HelpSystems enhance data movement and protection?
HelpSystems offers a comprehensive, powerful Data Security Suite designed for today’s hybrid IT reality. We partner with carefully vetted organizations to provide layered data protection where you need it most.
From understanding what data you have, to controlling its access and sharing it securely, HelpSystems’ solutions can help minimize threats and maintain compliance – wherever data is stored or moved. Our complete solution set includes data classification, data loss prevention, email security, managed file transfer, encryption, and digital rights management for ultimate, data-centric security. Solutions can be bundled as needed, we can help install them in the cloud, and we’ll get them configured for ultimate ease of use.

HelpSystems Featured Software

This managed file transfer software is designed to streamline, secure, and automate critical file transfers through a centralized enterprise-level solution. It’s the world’s fastest-growing MFT product, can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, as a hybrid solution, and as MFTaaS. GoAnywhere seamlessly helps organizations save time and money, improve data security, and help meet compliance requirements.

Moving files of any size or format at full line speed, hundreds of times faster than what traditional FTP can deliver, is what FileCatalyst brings to organizations. Speed, security, and reliable delivery add additional value to the FileCatalyst fast file transfer solution.

The Clearswift ICAP software solution delivers detection and sanitization of emails to boost protection of evasive threats including sanitizing documents of hidden and private information. Clearswift technology allows secured and sanitized email to be delivered without delay of business.

Use Case #1:
Simplified and Secured File Transfers

Problem: City government police and records bureau departments needed to streamline and encrypt their file sharing of large surveillance clips from recent crime victims while following cybersecurity best practices and remaining compliant with mandatory regulations.

The police department’s MFT software collects large surveillance clips from recent crime victims via sending a file request URL through a secure email for recipient to upload a video file to the departments MFT web client. The records bureau uses MFT software to transfer voice recordings and transcripts to a third-party vendor for process. All files are encrypted to follow cybersecurity best practices and remain compliant with mandatory regulations.

Use Case #2
Automating File Transfers

Problem: Tedious, repetitive file transfer tasks absorb a disproportionate amount of time and personnel resources. In addition, the risk of human error increases with the number of file transfers executed.

Solution: A file transfer automation solution can execute workflows precisely and in the correct sequence needed. In addition to streamlining the process, an audit trail can be automatically applied to help with compliance requirements. And auto-resume and load balancing built into MFT removes the guesswork from any failed transfers.

Use Case #3:
Accelerating File Transfers

Problem: Large video files need to be transferred around the world rapidly, such as for sports footage updates, autonomous vehicle data, and more.

Solution: Deploy an enterprise-scale file transfer solution that incorporates UDP acceleration. Files of any size or format can be securely sent at full line speed hundreds of times faster than FTP. Integrating secure managed file transfer with rapid file acceleration adds a layer of automation to the process.

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Why Microsoft

As a Microsoft partner, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive resources, programs, tools, and connections. Join a community designed to foster business growth. We use this to support our customers and offer services that are proven to integrate.The Microsoft Partner Network is built on a simple premise: together, we can accomplish more. When you join the network, you become part of a community with a shared goal to do more for our customers.


Cloud Computing Partner

Why Google

Avoid vendor lock-in with Google Cloud’s commitment to open source, multicloud, and hybrid cloud—allowing you to use your data and run your apps on any cloud or in any environment. Our distributed cloud solutions provide consistency between public and private clouds, enabling businesses to modernize and developers to build faster in any environment.Power your workloads on a net carbon-neutral cloud. Electricity used to run Google Cloud products and services is matched 100% with renewable energy. As the only major cloud provider to purchase enough renewable energy to cover all operations, GoogleCloud offers your business a path to sustainability.


As DataMovement is primarily based on the eastern seaboard of Australia in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory we work the Australian Federal Government to provide consistent citizen centric services. We work closely with our customers and their businesses to make sure that the data they collect, move and manage is safe, secure and effective to inform.


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